ACS Tampa Brasov

Dear Ciprian, Nick, FC Budapest participated first time on the tournament wich was organized by ACS Tampa Brasov. The team is really waited for this event, which gave us a lot of experiences. The level of the Cup was good. In the U10s our opponents were hard and played for always scoring goals, but they didnt play spectacularly. In U9s and under, there were several teams whom played spectacularly. I can be partly satisfied with our effect, but in the category of U9s opponents were better then us in every level. Unfortunately they arent on this level yet.

In the U10s I think my team played the real football nevertheless they didnt win all the games. What we expect form the kids on the games is they have to show us their technical skills, individual plays and creativity. Thats why we werent upset after a game when they didnt win, because they showed us what we asked.

Thank you for Ciprian; Nick and also you to invited us for this cup, we really enjoyed that three days in Brasov.I hope our partnership will cause so many good things for both teams. We are waiting for your team in August in Budapest when 16 teams from 8 countries will participate on the Future Cup.

Kind Regards

Henrik Czuk President of FC Budapest